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Kids Spanish Book - Transport
Chilrens dual language book with audio for learning Spanish
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Spanish Nouns And Gender #2 - Masculine Nouns
this 10 page Spanish language learning handout and worksheet reviews the grammatical rules of masculine nouns referring to places, things, and ideas. It contains many practice exercises.
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Spanish Vocab and Phrases
Spanish/English words and phrases
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Spanish movies and books in Cyprus
Sapnish movies, spanish cinema, spanish books. The library of Aula School
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Spanish Nouns And Gender #3 - Feminine Nouns
This 13 page handout and worksheet focuses on the exceptions to the rule when forming Spanish feminine nouns. It has many practice exercises.
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Learn Spanish Vegetables
Learn Spanish Vegetables flashcards with picture dictionary
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Online Spanish Courses and Tutorials
It is the firts material for an elementary student. Spanish verbs: llamarse, ser,estar,tener,vivir,estudiar, trabajar
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Spanish Worksbook (Manual de Ejercicios de Español)
The best way to improve your Spanish is through constant practice. The content in this workbook is aimed for people with basic Spanish knowledge looking to improve their reading and writing skills. It begins with a few spelling exercises and works its way to past, present and future usage, questions formulation and verb conjugation. By completing only a few exercises a day we are confident that this manual will help you understand and communicate better, a great instrument for your academic and business needs. This book was written by Elizabeth Briceno, Director of New Programs of the American Preparatory Academy, and a certified Spanish instructor. it is an excellent tool for teachers at intermediate level classes. Product Information Title: Spanish Workbook Author: Elizabeth Briceno ISBN: 980-12-2318-9 Publisher: Beyond Languages Number of Pages: 138 Publication Date: 2007
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Ways To Learn Spanish is helping individuals who are too busy to make it to traditional classes. It provides readily available lessons at the comfort of their computers and laptops. The classes range from beginners to advanced lessons, especially for business related activities.
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Spanish Orthopaedic Brochure
This is the Spanish translation of a brochure that was designed for an orthopaedic surgeon. It promotes his medical and legal expertise with worker's compensation to people whose work requires repetition and puts a strain on their body. I also designed a poster and tent card with tear-off note pads. These materials will be distributed in the Access to Care clinics in Illinois. Collaborated with a Spanish tranlator for the Spanish version.
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