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OSCE Annual Report 2007 (es)
"Annual Reports are more than simply bureaucratic or public relations exercises. They provide an opportunity to weave together the threads of our diverse Organization, and to clarify its various activities and programmes. The OSCE is a uniquely complex Organization - complex in its decentralized structure and its ambitious and evergrowing mandates, complex also in the myriad activities it undertakes across 56 countries. The 2007 Annual Report goes a long way to revealing the OSCE as it is and points toward future opportunities." Extract from the Secretary General's message in the OSCE Annual Report 2007.
Subido por osce en 14/06/2012
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Annual Report 2009 (EN)
The complete annual report for 2009 of the Belgacom Group.
Subido por belgacom en 28/04/2010
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Limmat Annual Report 2008
Annual Report 2008 of the Limmat Fundation
Subido por salero en 17/06/2009
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Etiquetas: limmat · annual report

AVSI Annual Report 2010 - Español
AVSI Annual Report 2010 - Español
Subido por avsi en 26/10/2011
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Etiquetas: avsi · annual report

Annual Report 2010
PBI Mexico Annual Report for 2010
Subido por peacebrigadesinternational en 01/04/2011
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AIESEC Dominican Republic - Annual Report 2010 - 2011
The annual report of AIESEC Dominican Republic for 2010 - 2011
Subido por laurasivu en 27/06/2011
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Limasa Annual report 2007
Annual Report from Limasa 2007
Subido por salvitz en 31/07/2008
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Etiquetas: annual · design · limasa · report · salvita · takeone · yellow

Memoria 2010 / Annual report 2010
Memoria de actividades de la Asociación de Amigos de las Salinas de Interior. Annual report of the Association of Friends of Inland Salinas
Subido por salinasdeinterior en 20/01/2011
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2011 Informe Annual
Informe Annual de Amigos de las Américas
Subido por amigosdelasamericas en 22/11/2011
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2009 CAMEXCA Annual Report
An annual report produced for external audiences by the CAMEXCA Regional Office of Oxfam America. This is only available in Spanish.
Subido por oa-padare en 13/05/2010
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Etiquetas: camexca · 2009 · annual report
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