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Basis Magazine
Diseno de revista de economia para nuevos economistas
Subido por claralbridge en 13/09/2011
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Pagos por servicios hídricos: las conversaciones de Bellagio
payment basis, REDD, biodiversity, Payment for watersheed services, reducing emissions from deforestation and ecosystem degradation (REDD)
Subido por ciforbooks en 13/05/2009
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Estudia las Cuestiones previas al maquillaje, Estudio del Rostro, Las luces y las sombras, Líneas del rostro, Color en el maquillaje, Productos y su aplicación, Espacio de trabajo, El equipo y la Preparación de la piel.
Subido por videocinco en 02/07/2010
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Ceva Logistics Presentacion
CEVA designs, implements and operates complex, end‐to‐end Contract Logistics and Freight Management solutions focused on the needs of large and medium sized companies, on a local, regional or global basis. With over 1,200 locations in more than 100 countries worldwide, CEVA is one of the world’s largest supply chain providers.
Subido por 303editoriales en 30/10/2009
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La producción familiar como alternativa de un desarrollo sostenible para la Amazonía
Between 2005 and 2009, the EU-financed project ForLive set out to analyse promising local forest management initiatives in the Amazon Basin in four countries: Ecuador, Bolivia, Brazil, and Peru. Researchers aimed to identify locally viable practices that benefit livelihoods and ecological stabilisation of landscapes, as well as to define ways to promote these practices as a basis for sound rural development.
Subido por ciforbooks en 30/11/2010
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Discourse, context and cognition
Teuna Vandijk n this article the relevance of a sociocognitive approach to discourse is shown by presenting a new theory of context, defined as subjective participants’ constructs of communicative situations, and made explicit in terms of mental models – context models – in Episodic Memory. Through a ‘contextual analysis’ of a fragment of one of the ‘Iraq’ speeches by Tony Blair in the British House of Commons, it is shown how such context models control and explain many political aspects of interaction that cannot be accounted for in autonomous approaches to text and talk. Context models thus provide an explicit theory of relevance and the situational appropriateness of discourse, and hence also a basis for theories of style.
Subido por bib.csinfo en 23/06/2010
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CATÁLOGO ADE - Escalas y Accesorios Médicos
or more than 75 years ADE is a synonym for precision and competence in scale manufacturing, reliability and partnership towards customers and end users. Using this excellent basis we introduced our new range of Medical Scales and Measuring Equipment some years ago. Today we are very proud to have a world-wide opera- ting partner net enabling us to sell our range successfully in Germany, Europe and to countries overseas.
Subido por medi-cionequipo en 14/07/2012
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Sources and prices of selected drugs and diagnostics for people living with HIV/AIDS- Spanish
A joint UNICEF, UNAIDS, WHO and MSF ocument providing market information to help procurement agencies make informed decisions on the source of drugs and to serve as the basis for negotiating affordable prices
Subido por msf_access en 30/04/2002
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