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Modelos de Negocios (Business Models) para la Innovacion y el Emprendimiento
Modelos de Negocios (Business Models): El Arte de la Creatividad y la Ejecución para la Innovación y el Emprendimiento.
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Discourse, context and cognition
Teuna Vandijk n this article the relevance of a sociocognitive approach to discourse is shown by presenting a new theory of context, defined as subjective participants’ constructs of communicative situations, and made explicit in terms of mental models – context models – in Episodic Memory. Through a ‘contextual analysis’ of a fragment of one of the ‘Iraq’ speeches by Tony Blair in the British House of Commons, it is shown how such context models control and explain many political aspects of interaction that cannot be accounted for in autonomous approaches to text and talk. Context models thus provide an explicit theory of relevance and the situational appropriateness of discourse, and hence also a basis for theories of style.
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SOa soa soa soa
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August Ford Ent Magazine
One Year Anniversary of Ford Ent Magazine Featuring all our favorite 239 features throughout the year.
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Growing Food, Products and Businesses: Applying Business Incubation to Agribusiness SMEs
Growing Food, Products and Businesses: Applying Business Incubation to Agribusiness SMEs
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The Creative Economy Report 2010
The Creative Economy Report 2010 presents the United Nations system-wide perspective on this new topic, as an example of multi-agency cooperation working as “One UN”.
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Ideas 117
IE Business School Magazine
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El diseño: 7 visiones transversales
Colección aprendizaje 21 · Vol 1. Universidad de León - Universidad de Vic. Edición a cargo de Salvador Zermeño y Ruth S. Contreras ; autores: Chokeanand Bussarakampakom ... [et al.]
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Design News July 2011
Design news for all
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Fema 273
fema273 pautas para la rehabilitacion sismica de edificios
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