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take care of the environment
environment products
Subido por gabriella93 en 20/07/2012
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Walk Reduce Recycle
Subido por antoniaroman en 20/04/2008
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Environment Magazine
Revista Digital para el Curso de Medios Digitales de FATLA.
Subido por yessy127 en 01/02/2012
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environment and nature
It´s an important story so we must to know
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Sustainable Forest Management and REDD+ financing at the GEF
Since its inception in 1991, the GEF has financed over 300 projects and programs focusing on forest conservation and management in developing countries. The total GEF allocation to forest initiatives during this period amounts to more than $1.6 billion, leveraging $5 billion from other sources. | Available below in French, Spanish and Portuguese
Subido por thegef en 04/05/2010
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ES - Statement before the Committee on Petitions by Commissioner Janez Potocnik (Spanish)
The Spanish version of the speech given by the Commissioner for the Environment Mr. Janez Potocnik before the Committee on Petitions of the European Parliament on November 22, 2011. The speech focused on the need for collaboration between the Committee on Petitions and the Directorat-General for the Environment of the European Commission.
Subido por peti_secretariat en 13/12/2011
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Documento De Programa De País 2008-2009 - Ecuador
The Government of Ecuador is in the process of creating a new Constitution that will change the laws and regulations, public policies and institutions will change as a result. Within this context, the HCPD is aim to support this process and its efforts and to formulate a strategy to best approach the urban sector. The document provides and overview of the national context and the intervention areas to address urban development challenges for the next two years. The intervention areas are: Urban planning and management, governance, land and housing; basic services, urban development and urban environment and capacity building for development. Within these areas, and according to the National Development Plan, four specific lines of work have been decided: water and sanitation, housing, urban planning and management and citizen participation.
Subido por unhabitat en 15/06/2009
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Online learning and teaching Spanish Platform
Online learning and teaching Spanish Platform focused on Environment, Renewable Energy, Energy Efficiency and Culture&Business in the Spanish-Speaker world
Subido por a.alegret en 25/12/2012
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Diseño Para El Medio Ambiente - Alaju Alfajores
Propuesta empaque Alajú basada en el conjunto de practicas utilizadas en Design For Environment
Subido por deivi.garcia en 26/08/2012
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Medio Ambiente y Publicidad
Informe sobre Medio Ambiente y Publicidad. Report on Environment and Advertising
Subido por frailedetejada en 28/02/2011
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