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Investment Angels Australia
Many entrepreneurs will increase their home mortgages as a funding technique as this usually provides lower attention and financial institution charges than professional loans (between 1% and 2% attention differential is common). The resources are then "lent" by the owner to the company.
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Business for Dynamics
This white paper is intended for Microsoft® Dynamics™ NAV customers. It reviews how Business Intelligence tools and capabilities in Microsoft Dynamics™ NAV help empower companies to improve business performance as their business grows and their requirements change
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Design for social Impact
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Guia de sostenibilidad financiera PNUD
Guia metodologica para la evaluacion de capacidades financieras de sistemas de areas protegidas.
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SOa soa soa soa
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Growing Food, Products and Businesses: Applying Business Incubation to Agribusiness SMEs
Growing Food, Products and Businesses: Applying Business Incubation to Agribusiness SMEs
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The Creative Economy Report 2010
The Creative Economy Report 2010 presents the United Nations system-wide perspective on this new topic, as an example of multi-agency cooperation working as “One UN”.
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Indices sobre facilitacion de comercio 2012-2010
Indicadores sobre facilitacion de comercio mundiales comparados 2012 - 2010
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Ideas 121
IE Business School magazine
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ny business latino
ny business latino 36
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