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ESPAÑA Abridged Migrant Integration Policy Index III (2011)
The Spain abridged version of the third edition of the Migrant Integration Policy Index - a reference guide and fully interactive tool ( to assess, compare and improve migrant integration policy. Written by Thomas Huddleston, Jan Niessen with Eadaoin Ni Chaoimh and Emilie White and published by the British Council and Migration Policy Group.
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Sound expectations: From impact evaluations to policy change
This paper outlines a comprehensive and flexible analytical conceptual framework to be used in the production of a case study series. The cases are expected to identify factors that help or hinder rigorous impact evaluations (IEs) from influenc ing policy and improving policy effectiveness. This framework has been developed to be adaptable to the reality of developing countries. It is aimed as an analytical-methodological tool which should enable researchers in producing case studies which identify factors that affect and explain impact evaluations’ policy influence potential. The approach should also enable comparison between cases and regions to draw lessons that are relevant beyond the cases themselves.
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The Policy Agenda on Volunteering in Europe_Spanish Translation
The Policy Agenda on Volunteering in Europe_Spanish Translation
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Informe electoral PSOE Tavernes Blanques. Policy Levers
Policy Levers Consulting
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Taller Puzzled by Policy
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enviromental policy
enviromental policy
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This paper analyzes the main determinants of tenure choice in Brazil in formal and informal housing markets. Logit and Multinomial Logit models with several specifications are used to test the household´s tenure choice behavior taking demographic, social, economic and locational factors as dependent variables. The main source of information is the Brazilian Census Bureau (IBGE) 2005 National Household Survey (PNAD) National Household Survey (PNAD) microdata. The probability of ownership is higher among non-afrodescendents, manheaded households and public servants. The poor, the young, recent migrants and single women with young children have higher probabilities of renting or becoming owners in informal settlements. Wealth and life cycle variables such as age, household size and marital status are good predictors for formal ownership. Education enhances the probability of being in the formal housing markets, either as a renter or an owner.
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Policy Brief
Policy Brief Artículo Tití, Melissa and Lily.
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A Global Green New Deal Policy Brief
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FLEC Hurricane Policy
FLEC Hurricane Policy
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